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Irrespective of their nature, location or preferences, there are a lot of commons that all women have with each other. For instance, one might be an outgoing person with a lot of emphasis on education, friends, and career or a homemaker. However, taking care of health and wellness is equally important for all.

This becomes even more of a priority once you have got married, settled in a corporate job, and are ready to experience motherhood. From the very outset, there is a bond between mother and the unborn child which can be considered as philosophical, emotional or psychological as per the observer’s understanding. However, this bond is undeniable and when mindfulness and power of positive thinking is integrated into one’s experience of pregnancy, the outcome is usually even better. For instance, you might write letters to your unborn child, or visualize things and situations, the way you want them to be.

Another key aspect of motherhood is to be physically active to the extent advised by doctors. These days, most doctors recommend specific yoga postures and breathing exercises etc. for expecting mothers. Quite often, first-time mothers are really scared of the experience, and develop a lot of fears and apprehensions about how the whole experience of childbirth is going to be. That’s where, maintaining a positive mindset and doing things like yoga and meditation prove to be quite helpful. In a lot of cases, it has been seen that practicing yoga and mindfulness makes the whole process quicker, easier and natural without any need for surgeries or medical complications. However, as any mother would testify, it is the experience post-delivery and the early years of raising a child, that are even more challenging than giving birth.

In cases of nuclear families, it isn’t uncommon for mothers to leave their jobs so that they can take care of the child. If you have a supportive family and husband, then you would be able to juggle both private and professional lives with great success as long as you remain physically and mentally healthy. There would be extra weight to lose after a pregnancy. No matter how careful or meticulous you are, there is always going to be some extent of recovering to fitness. One might need to lose weight or get their energy back and so on.

That’s where yoga once again proves to be of a great help. Thankfully, there is a lot of awareness as well as access to qualified teachers and classes in almost all parts of India. Whether your aim is to reduce weight or feel fitter and more agile, yoga never lets you down. In fact, the kind of transition that yoga practice under the guidance of expert trainers is something as life-altering as being transported into an alternate universe where you become a different version of yourself. It would be almost as if Dr Strange conjured up some of his spells and changed your physical abilities and mental approach.

The best thing about yoga is that it is safe and beneficial for all ages, which makes it ideal for not only a new mother, but for her child as well.

Parents always want the best for their children whether it is getting them admitted to the top schools, giving them the best toys, clothes, food and all the facilities possible. Therefore, it is a great idea for young mothers to initiate their children into yoga practice at an early age. One of the best things about modern technology is that it helps you access almost everything at home.

Whether you wish to join a yoga studio, practice at home or on-the-go, the emergence of online platforms and smartphone apps has made it easy for all scenarios. You can initiate your child and inspire him/her by working out alongside. Once the child gets into the habit, they would adopt it as a life-long practice. The fact that yoga is a holistic form of physical exercise that helps in not just boosting physical flexibility or making one muscular, makes it even more ideal for mothers and children alike. With regular practice of yoga, one also gets to enjoy internal health benefits such as digestion, management and prevention of lifestyle diseases as well as lowering of stress.

Since kids are enthusiastic, energetic and flexible, it is best to start with some stretching and bending exercises such as Utrasana or the camel pose, Matsyasana (fish pose) or Dhanurasana (bow pose). Such poses help in strengthening back, thigh and buttocks muscles as well as boosting cardiovascular strength.

The key for young mothers is to know the importance of their own mental and physical wellness and of initiating their children into a fitness regime from an early age. With access no longer being a challenge in the digital era of online yoga platforms, there is no reason why you should settle for anything less. After all, health is truly the real wealth!



Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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