Yoga: How Did it Conquer the World and What’s Changed? – Sakshi Post

Yoga is the process of self mastery and the only way that you can conquer the world is when you conquer your own personal. And this is precisely what the path of yoga is all about. Yoga exercise means ‘Yuj’ or union of the mind body and spirit. Through the practice of yoga you can easily achieve satisfaction and experience a sensible fulfilment in your life. Through yoga one learns how to bring balance into every situation plus build contentment from within.  
Yoga works for the health of the physical body through movement and awareness on your breathing. This allows you to channel your energies towards your own overall well being. When you are able to concentrate on your own self you will be less interested in what goes on externally. In this way you can reduce distractions from the outside and continue to remain blissful in your own company.

Yoga is for all

People will be able to experience the immediate benefits of practicing yoga. It is very much like the sensations that you would feel if you touched something hot or cold. Even with yoga the effects of the practice are almost immediate and you will be able to benefit from it without any delay. And the joy that this brings to you will also enable you to conquer the whole world. And this is how yoga has also been taking the world by storm and introducing a slice of heavenly bliss to everyone who practices it.  

Yoga postures or Asanas

Yoga is an all-encompassing activity for your general well-being and is more than sufficient to keep you in shape. The yoga practises target not just the physical body but also the mind and the breath, which is the source of all life. Yoga asanas are physical positions that are created with your body’s alignment in mind. You will be able to see an improvement in your strength, flexibility, stamina, and energy levels when you routinely perform this. Yoga poses are excellent for the health of your organs as well as for toning your body and reducing any extra fat.


Breathing techniques known as pranayama assist your body’s channels stay clear. Pranayama has a wide range of advantages for the mind and body, such as mental clarity, calmness, increased lung capacity, stamina, etc . Effective and potent techniques include Bastrika, Anulom Vilom, Kapal Bhati, Murcha pranayama, and others. Yoga is a potent tool that instils both mental and physical discipline.


People with anxiety, stress, and other mental health conditions are strongly advised to practise meditation. The act of yoga cultivates inner tranquilly, mental clarity, improves decision-making, sharpens intuition, and many other benefits. Meditation and breathing techniques used in yoga balance the body by calming the mind and nervous system. The practise associated with mindfulness involves concentrating on your breath while remaining in the present. Techniques for meditation teach you to maintain your attention on your breathing rather than your thoughts. One can stay focused and detached from psychological oscillations by doing this.

The Article is authored simply by Himalayan Siddha Akshar, Founder, Akshar Yoga Research and Development Centre