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Improve your lung health with 5 yoga asanas
Image Source: TWITTER/@MIGHTYSAKSHAM 5 yoga asanas to improve your lung health

Yoga exercise for Lungs: Yoga asanas are of utmost importance to maintain your fitness in the present scenario when the air quality has gone worst. Various factors contribute to adopting this fitness regime. From environmental to wellness factors, the reasons for practicing yoga asanas are many. Thereby, a trend has recently started to adopt new ways of maintaining good health. These asanas not only help in improving your immunity but also regulates your blood level. Not just that, it is also a fabulous way to cure your lung ailments.

Improvement in the lungs means that the strength of the respiratory muscles performs its function properly. It also allows you to breathe correctly inside and outside the home. Apart from this, it also helps in reducing sympathetic reactivity.  

1 .   Khand pranayama 

Khand means to divide or split. This pranayama is all about splitting the breath into two parts. First, take a deep breath—inhale for a count of two; then exhale completely for the count of two. This is counted as one set. This has to be done without a break. It is said that the daily practice of this dynamic and powerful pranayama can improve respiratory breathing capacity by increasing chest wall expansion and forced expiratory lung volumes.

India Tv - Khand Pranayama can benefit your lungs

Image Source: TWITTER/@KOMPASFEMALE Khand Pranayama can help you in decreasing your respiratory problems

2 . Kapal  Bhati 

It is a type of breathing exercise that works magic in removing ailments of the body. Kapal means forehead and bhati mean shining. This pranayama is done in a sitting posture. The primary focus of this pranayama is to concentrate on exhaling and.   Practitioners claim that this asana helps in cleansing the lungs and in exercising abdomen muscles.    

India Tv - Kapal Bhati Pranayama can help you in breathing

Image Source: TWITTER/LORD SHIVA TEMPLE @SHIVA_TEMPLE Kapal Bhati pranayama can improve your lung conditions

3. Dhanurasna

It is an excellent way for those who want to cure their breathing ailments like asthma. The reason is that this pranayama helps in expanding the upper body. It also increases the breathing capacity of the lungs.

India Tv - Dhanurasna can help you in stretching your legs

Image Source: TWITTER/@_NISARGA Dhanurasna can help you in breathing

4. Chakrasana

Chakrasana allows you to stretch the lungs and chest to increase lung capacity. It can help in enhancing the movement of the diaphragm. You can maximize the intake of oxygen. You can increase the blood cells and revitalizes the cells and organs. Then you can keep your health in the best shape.

India Tv - Chakrasna can help in increasing your blood levels

Image Resource: TWITTER/@RAOALKAARYA Chakrasna can maximize your intake of oxygen

5.   Brahmahri Pranayama 

Brahmari Pranayama can reduce the risk of various infections, especially in the lungs. It also enhances autonomic function. It can improve your sleep quality. This pranayama is effective for pulmonary function in healthy individuals.  

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India Tv - Brahmahri Pranayama helps in sleeping quality

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Try these above-mentioned yoga asanas anywhere and stay healthy and happy.  

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Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Please consult a doctor before starting any fitness regime or medical advice.

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