Yoga Diet: How To Balance Yoga Diet? Everything You Need To Know About Yoga Diet – ABP Live

Yoga Diet: As much as the right posture for Yoga asanas is important, following the right diet is a must, diet plays an important role. Maintaining a healthy diet can be extremely helpful in supporting and amplifying the benefits of a Yoga regime that one follows. A Yoga diet stresses on natural, unprocessed consumption of foods that would contribute to a holistic development with respect to the Yoga principles of ahimsa, sattva and saucha. 

Ahimsa means the idea that all living things are collected and the world would be a better place if one does not harm the living things. Sattva means a state of equanimity, a diet in sattvic food promotes a calm heart and a clear mind. Saucha is the practice of purity and cleanliness. A simplistic way to promote this is to reduce impurities in your body by consuming organic foods. 

A Yoga diet is an ancient way of eating whole unprocessed foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables. Ways in which one can follow a Yoga diet is 

1) Eat fresh seasonal foods – Buy and consume fresh produce that is in season and avoid processed food or packed items even if they are labelled as organic 
2)  Be vegetarian – this is an essential part of Yoga whole food diet 
3) Eat two hours before asana practice or sleep 
4) Eat at regular intervals and allowing space between meals is a must-have 
5) consider fasting the purpose of fasting is to cleanse the body, seek a spiritual goal or express devotion

Health Benefits: Yoga Diet

Taking a plant-based whole-food diet is a foundation for nourishing all systems of the body.

1. Improves digestion.
2. Boosts your metabolism.
3. Increases your energy.
4. Reduces risk of chronic diseases.
5. Improves your mood.