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  • Yoga mats are a primary accessory for every yoga practitioner; so is a yoga bag. Other props such as chair and cushions can also be used in perfecting the yoga asanas. Know all about it from the expert here.
Yoga accessories you must have: Expert shares insights(Unsplash)
Yoga accessories you must have: Expert shares insights(Unsplash)
Updated on Jun 18, 2022 03:18 PM IST

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ByTapatrisha Das, Delhi

Yoga comes with multiple health benefits for the body. From improving the range of motion to relieving the body of risk of several chronic illnesses to strengthening the muscles, yoga’s benefits are manifold. Incorporating yoga in the daily fitness routine also helps in stretching the body and improving the flexibility. However, yoga practice also required the use of proper yoga accessories. Speaking to HT Lifestyle, Yoga Master Akshar said, “There are many different types of yoga poses and for all levels of practitioners. Because we all have different body types, different levels of flexibility, and strength we may not be able to achieve all the poses. To help you make certain postures more accessible there are plenty of yoga accessories and props available in the market.”

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Akshar further noted down the yoga accessories that are must-haves for yoga enthusiast and the benefits that they come with. They are as follows:

Yoga mat: The most primary yoga accessory that must be owned by every yoga practitioner is a yoga mat. In case of being overweight, the expert suggested that ropes and straps can also be used while practising yoga.

Yoga bag: The yoga should be protected from dust and other external weather-related elements. Hence, a yoga bag can be used.

Yoga bricks: To make asanas that require flexibility easier yoga blocks or yoga bricks can be brought into your practice. For postures like Padahasthasana, Trikonasana and other postures that require you to bend forward and reach the floor, yoga blocks can be placed to make this more achievable.

Chairs, blankets, cushions: Senior citizens and older practitioners can use props such as chairs, cushions or blankets to sit for meditation or perform several yoga positions comfortably.

Wall support: “Certain inverted postures like Sarvangasana, Halasana and even Shirshasana can be done with the help of a wall support. The wall can also be of great assistance when it comes to back bending postures like Chakrasana and Hasta Uthanasana. You can also use the wall to practice handstands to help you get over the fear of inversions,” said Akshar.