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How can yoga help you lose weight? Yoga seems to be all about breathing and stretching. So is it possible to lose weight with yoga?

Yoga has various health advantages, including muscle building, better sleep, and stress reduction. If yoga is practiced correctly, it can lead to a change in lifestyle that will boost physical activity and reduce emotional eating. Additionally , it can aid with stress management, which is beneficial for maintaining weight.

Yoga is associated with weight loss and weight maintenance due to a number of aspects, including energy expenditure throughout yoga sessions; boosting more exercise by reducing back and joint pain; heightening mindfulness; enhancing mood and reducing stress ; and by assisting yogis in feeling more connected to their bodies, their satiation, and eating habits.

Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

The good news is that yoga may definitely assist you to lose weight if that is your objective. Yoga helps you achieve the proper mental state to make weight loss-friendly decisions and can help you burn calories (well, depending on the style of yoga you practice).

How and The reason why Yoga is Regarded Best to Lose Weight?

We now know that it aids in burning calories. The question arises: why do we say yoga is the best way to lose weight?

Let’s look at the following reasons:

1) Yoga increases mindfulness

The psychological and spiritual aspects of yoga place an emphasis on the development of mindfulness. Your consciousness is heightened in numerous ways as a result. Mindfulness can help you become more aware of how certain foods impact your body, mind, and soul.

According to a 2016 study, those who practice yoga and cultivate mindfulness may be better able to resist comfort foods plus harmful foods. They might also learn to listen to their bodies more so that they can recognize when they are full.

People who are having trouble losing weight in other ways are likely to benefit the most from yoga.

Yoga practitioners are instructed not to practice on an empty stomach, so they are more inclined to eat a healthy breakfast. Your own desire for healthy meals may increase after a yoga session. Additionally , you might learn to take smaller bites and eat more slowly, which can reduce how much calories you consume.

2) Yoga helps you sleep better

Yoga instructions can enhance the quality of your sleep . When you practice yoga on a regular basis, you may find that you sleep faster and for longer periods of time. Aim to get between 6 and 9 hours of sleep per night. A good night’s sleep is frequently linked to weight loss. Based on a 2018 study, people who had their sleep hours reduced five times per week lost less weight than those who slept normally.

Both groups were restricting their own caloric intake, indicating that sleep deprivation had a negative impact on body composition, including fat loss.

Yoga Nidra is a type of guided relaxation that can improve your sleep quality and consciousness. During Yoga Nidra, you can also set positive intentions, which may aid in the development of your own goals for losing weight.

3) Yoga exercise helps in burning calories

Yoga is not typically thought of as an aerobic activity, but some styles of yoga are more physically demanding than others. The most calorie -burning yoga poses are those that are vigorous and active. This might assist in limiting weight gain. Power yoga, vinyasa, plus ashtanga are a few examples of yoga that are more physically demanding.

Hot yoga establishments frequently provide vinyasa and power yoga. You move virtually constantly when doing this type of yoga, which aids in calorie burning. Yoga can possibly increase your metabolism and help you tone up your muscles.

Despite not being a particularly physically demanding kind of yoga, restorative yoga may nonetheless aid in weight loss. According to one study, restorative yoga can effectively assist obese women in losing weight, including belly fat.

Wrapping Up

You’ll need to develop the habit of doing yoga gradually to lose weight. Whatever yoga routine you decide to include in your weight loss program, if you only do it once, it won’t be effective. Choose a practice you like, commit to doing it once a week or more often , and you will notice improvements. To safely increase your flexibility and strength, you must pick a technique that is simple to follow and won’t result in injuries.

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