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As a yoga instructor, Audra Fisher helps people physically and mentally, all while balancing her life as a mom of twin girls.

Originally from Texas, fitness has always been a passion associated with Fisher’s because she grew up dancing.

“I danced ballet, jazz and modern pretty much from the time I could walk, ” she said. “Because my mom was a dancer, she had my sister and I dancing really early on. ”

Dancing until she was around 17, Fisher wanted to find a new way to stay active. She was introduced to yoga shortly after, but didn’t get serious about it until around 2015, the girl said.

After finishing college, she started working at an insurance company, yet realized an office job wasn’t what she wanted. She received a call from a yoga instructor in search of information regarding general liability policies, and started chatting with him about yoga. He asked if she was interested in teaching, and he helped the girl become certified.

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“I showed up, I had no idea what I has been getting into, ” she said. “It was a $200 program. The other girls there had written essays to be in the class. That was pretty cool, the way that it all just happened. It was like a divine meeting. ”

Gaining her certification in teaching yoga in 2017, Fisher hasn’t “looked back” since.

She currently teaches yoga classes at different businesses in the city, including Hot Springs Health & Fitness, Steadman’s Wellness Center, Spa City Cannabis Co., The Body Carpenter and The Big Chill.

“There’s not enough people who value yoga only to have a yoga studio in Hot Springs, ” she said. “Other than (The Yoga Place) downtown, there’s no room for another yoga studio. Unless you’re part of a gym, it’s just not really a business that you’re gonna make money on. ”

Fisher sometimes teaches themed classes, such as “Beer and Yoga” at The Trough, “Bend and Blaze” at Spa City Marijuana Co. and “Mimosas in Motion” at The Big Chill. She and her friend who works at Spa City Cannabis Co. began “Bend and Blaze. inch

“I had been real nervous because, obviously, I’m a brand and I’m very specific about what gets posted on my Facebook, ” Fisher said. “I was nervous that people were going to be upset about it even though it’s delta-8 and it’s legal. But , it’s just me getting in front of people that normally wouldn’t be in a yoga studio, just a way to reach more people to heal. ”

Fisher’s husband died within August 2021 after the two were married less than a year, leaving her as a single mom to 3-year-old twin girls.

“There’s no way I would have made this without yoga, ” the lady said. “I’ve probably missed four or five classes around the whole thing. There was a lot of other stuff going on, it just wasn’t pretty. But having to get up plus come to class and be professional and teach and not let people know what was going on was extremely therapeutic. inches

Now, Fisher tries to help others reach their physical, mental and spiritual goals through yoga.

“You’re always gonna get mind, body and soul, ” she said. “Always. So even if you’re just coming for the workout, the other stuff simply comes with it. So I am never worried about ‘You need to be focused on the spiritual side’ or whatever.

“And it’s not like we’re worshipping anything. Whatever’s in your heart is what you’re gonna feel on the mat. ”

    photo   Audra Fisher performs a yoga pose during her class. – Photo by Courtney Edwards of The Sentinel-Record

    photo   Audra Fisher, right, stretches with her yoga class taking place at Steadman’s Wellness Center on Tuesday. – Photo by Courtney Edwards of The Sentinel-Record