uKnowva organizes online Yoga session for 150 working professionals including clients and employees – The Financial Express

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, India Born Startup, uKnowva organised a Yoga Session for 150 working professionals which included their 70 in-house employees and 80 employees of their partners. The initiative was taken in line with this year’s theme “Yoga for Humanity”.

According to the company’s press statement, uKnowva uses AI and Automation to map the happiness index meter of the employees using the software and also predicts the chances of their resignation.

The company also emphasised that due to the recent work from office policy adopted by all corporates, uKnowva has noted that the happiness index of working employees is declining. To provide relief to the stressed employees and cater to them with the solution to stay fit, the yoga expert at the session taught the yoga asanas which can be done at the desk itself and won’t take much people’s time.

“With this initiative, we wanted to extend support not only to our employees but our partners also. The desk yoga taught by the expert was very easy and relaxing. The best part about yoga is that the asanas can be modified as per the individual’s need and they don’t require much strength. Investing 15 mins of their time at the office in a simple asana like pranayama can help working professionals attain physical & mental wellbeing,” Vicky Jain, Founder & CEO, uKnowva said in a statement.