Try this 30-day yoga challenge for mental health and fitness – Stylist Magazine

However you’re feeling about the new year, it’s always a good time to do something for yourself that will make you feel mentally good. And rather than setting a million unachievable New Year’s resolutions , why not try something you can get started with straight away?  

If you haven’t already heard of Yoga With Adriene , this might be the YouTube channel that finally makes you understand why so many people rave about yoga. Adriene Mishler has been creating free yoga videos for a decade. Her aim is to help you “find what feels good”, while championing mental health and enjoying exercise, at the same time as getting fit and healthy.

Every year, she creates a 30-day yoga challenge that is completely free and is designed to encourage daily movement . Each yoga practice is generally around 20-30 minutes long, combining yin and yang yoga  to create sessions that will get your heart rate up and help you relax too.

This year the 30-day programme is called ‘Centre: A 30-Day Yoga Journey’. “It is a programme that we offer for the community and people worldwide to connect to themselves in a new way, ” Mishler says in her video introducing the programme.

“The idea around these practices is that through daily centring we are able to create a more healthy plus harmonious connection between the brain, the body and the soul, ” she continues.

Based in Austin, Texas, Mishler has become known (and well-loved) for her down-to-earth teaching style, helping you get to know yourself better in the least cringeworthy way possible.

“This is designed to support your body but also this idea of whole body mental health, ” Mishler says, adding that will it’s suitable for yogis of all levels.

“This programme in particular is like a tradition – it can be an incredible way to start the year and an incredible thing to return to maybe in another month throughout the year so you can see how you’ve evolved and how things have changed, ” says Mishler in the video.

So if you’re looking to start the year prioritising yourself and your mental and physical health, you might just want to sign up to the Yoga With Adriene 30-day challenge .

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