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Posted on July 8, 2022
| 12: 13 p. m.

Now more than ever building a holistic sense of wellness and fulfillment has become a major focus in our community. Because of this, Noozhawk is proud to relaunch our Holistic Health and Wellness Guide!

To provide our readers with the resources to improve their overall well being in the following dimensions: emotional, occupational, physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual, Noozhawk has conducted a series of interviews with local wellness businesses and practitioners.

In this interview,   Noozhawk   spoke with Barbara Hirsch, Owner Santa Barbara Yoga Center , to learn more about the servies at her yoga center.

Santa claus Barbara Yoga Center

Question: What is the name of your business or practice?

Answer: Santa Barbara Yoga Center.

Q: Can you describe what services or products your business or practice offers?

A: We are a yoga studio, offering daily classes, both in person and live-streamed. Live-streamed classes allow teachers and students to communicate in real time, a very different experience from videos.

Our business includes retail associated with yoga props and clothing and serves as a wellness center, as we have acupuncture, massage and other healing modalities offered within our building.

A personal retreat apartment allows yoga lovers from all over to come and enjoy our classes, the beauty of Santa Barbara and a quiet getaway.

Santa Barbara Yoga Center’s nearly 100 year old building. Click to view larger

Santa Barbara Yoga exercise Center’s nearly 100 year old building. (Santa Barbara Yoga exercises Center Photo)

Q:   How does your business or even practice connect with health and wellness?

A: The particular Santa Barbara Yoga Center is a mindful, community-based business operated in alignment with the tenets of yoga philosophy. We are passionate about consistently providing excellent teaching, accessible courses, and a Yoga Home that welcomes all, body, mind and spirit. We offer Iyengar, Yin, Adaptable, Vinyasa, Prenatal, and Gentle yoga lessons and private instruction.

Our own building also houses healing practitioners, massage and acupuncture.

Q: What kind of training, education, or certifications do you hold?

A: We have yoga teacher trainings for teachers to get their Yoga Alliance 200 or 500 hour certification. We hold workshops that cover a wide range of education from healing shoulders to the health of the pelvic floor, meditation and pranayama.

Q:   How does your business or practice help your patrons?

A: Many people start yoga classes with us to help improve their balance, strength, flexibility, or to take care of an injury. All of our classes address these issues and students gain balance and strength they never had before. But , exactly what really keeps people returning is the effect yoga has on their emotions, mind, plus outlook. No matter the age, gender, or capability, students receive attentive care for everything from their back pain to their anxiety.

Q: What makes your business or exercise unique?

A: We have highly qualified teachers, many of whom have a strong background in therapeutic yoga. Our teachers have been trained in the classical traditions and can adapt to the needs of individual students. We offer classes that range from gentle to advanced. We also offer accessible classes for those with chronic medical conditions.

Our yoga center has been in Santa Barbara with regard to 30 years and is known for its historic building and beautiful studios including a fully equipped Iyengar studio.

We offer individual yoga retreats that allow one to escape from the busy world to a quiet, fully furnished loft apartment and unlimited yoga classes.

Q: How do you keep connected with the community and your patrons?

A: We email weekly newsletters and daily schedules to subscribers. Through these newsletters and social media, students read about teachers, courses, workshops, teacher trainings, plus special studies. Additionally , our own students and staff have formed friendships with each other.

Q: Are your services covered by insurance?

A: Acupuncture offered in our building is covered by some insurance plans.

Yoga for Every Body Click to view larger

Yoga for Every Body (Santa Barbara Yoga Middle Photo)

Q:   If you do not accept insurance coverage, do you offer any payment plans or any financing options?

A: We are always open in assisting those who cannot afford yoga.

Q:   Which dimension(s) associated with wellness do you specialize in? (i. e. Emotional, Occupational, Physical, Social, Intellectual, Spiritual)

A:   Yoga exercise has been proven to improve both mental and physical health on all levels. It can be a spiritual practice in that the connections between mind, body and spirit are explored. One can find quiet and compassion for ourselves and others within.

Q: Who is a good candidate for your type of treatments and services?

A: Anyone who is interested in learning to take care of themselves, becoming happier with their bodies, feeling stronger and more confident.

Q:   Can you list some specific or general health concerns your clientele reach out to you for?

The: We talk with people who have had injuries, back pain, and more. We have associations with Cottage Hospital Rehab and the MS community here in Santa Barbara. We also have covid protocol in place to help keep everyone healthy!

Q:   If you are not the best fit for a new client, do you recommend them to others in the industry?

A: Yes.

Q:   What information do you normally obtain from clients before deciding on a type of treatment plan?

The: Our educators talk with new students about their physical concerns and challenges.

Q:   What are your normal company hours? Are you available to clients on the weekends? Do you offer telehealth?

A: Our classes are live-streamed, for those who choose to practice at home. Classes are offered every day.

Q: Is there anything you would like to tell the readers that was not mentioned above?

A: If you have been curious about yoga, it is good to know that there are many styles, from the most athletic, in order to practices that are gentle, restorative and meditative, with so many kinds in between! Please explore different classes, different teachers. There truly is a practice for EVERY BODY.

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