Speaker suggests yoga centres for MPs – The Hindu

New Delhi, Dec. 4: Members received with laughter in the Lok Sabha to-day a suggestion by the Union Health Minister, Mr. Uma Shankar Dikshit, that they should take to ‘Pranayam’ and other Yogic exercises. Mr. Dikshit, who was replying to questions relating to heart diseases, said he was making the suggestion in all seriousness. His Ministry would make the necessary arrangements to open Vyayam and Yoga centres for M. P. s if they were interested. The Speaker, Mister. G. S. Dhillon, stated the Minister’s suggestion was very good. “Please go ahead with the arrangement, we are all ready for it, ” he said plus added, “the Ministers also should attend it. ” The athletic-looking Mr. H. C. Kahwai, Jan Sangh member from Madhya Pradesh, showed interest in the proposal. The Speaker remarked: “Something should be done to change the temperament of members also. ”

Members had focused attention on themselves, while putting supplementaries on a question from Mr. B. K. Daschowdhury about the steps taken by the Central Government to have coronary care units in Delhi’s hospitals. Mr. Dikshit promised to consider suggestions for strengthening the arrangements for treating coronary diseases but said “we must first take more care of the poor man’s diseases” than ailments which affected a smaller number of people. It was a phenomenon seen all over the world that due to the stress and strain of modern life, coronary diseases had been increasing, he said.