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Moving the body is important for all of us, and it can prevent or help manage diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Some activities increase stamina, while others improve strength, mobility, balance, or flexibility. Listening to our body is important as we engage in movement or exercise. To prevent injury, pay attention to your body before, during and after movement activities.

Yoga offers a mind-body practice for all body types and fitness levels

We sometimes think of yoga as the physical postures (known as asana), but yoga is much more than that. The purpose of yoga is to unite the body, mind and spirit, and it can help us to find balance within and around us.

Yoga exercise includes movement and positions, breath practices, meditation, and a philosophy for daily living. These practices can help us to increase our connection to our bodies.

If you are interested in trying a new movement practice, check out this 13-minute yoga for Veterans session led by Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System Yoga Instructor Chuna Rai Nelson, ERYT-500, RPYT, RCYT, YACEP:

This practice includes standing and floor postures, but you can also adapt the postures and motion to a chair.

For a more gentle flexibility practice guided in a chair, check out my joint mobility yoga practice: .

Additional yoga and other movement videos can be found in the #LiveWholeHealth self-care series blog post archives .

An Introduction to Yoga exercises for Whole Health includes more information about yoga. Gentle movement sessions are just one form of moving the body . Find out how to use Whole Health to work with your mind and soul, too: .