Light Up Your Energy, Chakra Yoga Workshop – Visit Fort Wayne

Are you curious about the Chakras?
Do you have a desire to get to know your energy better?
Could you use more balance and well-being in your life?

Connect into all 7 of your Chakras at this Light Up your Energy, Chakra Workshop with Megan Masterson!

Whether you’re a daily yogi or have never rolled out a yoga mat, you’ll feel at peace, happier and balance from this workshop!
-Lean about each energy center and what shows up when they are out of balance.
-Experience asanas (yoga postures) that maximize your energy connection to each Chakra.
-Leave with knowledge to help you integrate, heal and grow as you move through life.

Friday June, 24th 5:45 PM – 7:15 PM
Price: $25 or $17.50 for Members
Call or Text the studio to claim your spot!