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Lenovo introduces a multifaceted Yoga Book 9i dual-screen device, stunning Yoga exercise desktop, category-defining tablets, and a novel motion-capture device concept

January 5, 2023 – As hybrid living continues to blur the lines between work and recreation, consumers are prioritizing convenience and premium experiences from more multifaceted and personalized technology. Both at home and on the go, people now demand versatile tech that can enable them to do more in all aspects of their lives – whether collaborating across devices or simplifying to fewer.

With this in mind, today Lenovo introduced bold new products to address the wide-ranging needs of the modern consumer. The new, cutting-edge Yoga Book 9i hails a new chapter for Yoga in incredible innovation, premium style, and performance for versatile experiences. Redefining what an all-in-one desktop computer could look like, the Yoga exercises AIO 9i is more than meets the eye. In tablets, the new feature-rich Lenovo Tab Extreme plus Lenovo Smart Paper digital notepad introduce exciting capabilities for school, home, and beyond. Last but not least, Lenovo’s Project Chronos concept (formal name forthcoming) is a new technology that captures an user’s movement and enables them to interact with and perform activities within 3D virtual worlds without glasses or wearables.

Venture into a Book of Unlimited Possibility with the Yoga Book 9i

Yoga Book 9i

The all-new Yoga Book 9i is the first full-sized OLED dual screen laptop 1 and comes with an unique set of capabilities designed to empower the creative to craft their own story. More versatile than a traditional clamshell laptop form factor, the exceptionally flexible Yoga Book 9i built on the Intel® Evo™ platform offers dual-screen versatility, multi-mode functionality, and superior entertainment options. For a brand new generation of consumers who bring creativity to a new level, Yoga Book 9i supports their multi-faceted digital demands and empowers their ambitions whether working, creating, learning or entertaining.

Dual-Screen Tasking for Next Level Efficiency

Powered by up to the latest generation of Intel Core™ processors, the Yoga Book 9i enables users to take advantage of a full laptop experience along with the flexibility and multi-tasking potential of dual screens. These thin and light laptops, built on the Intel Evo platform, are designed and engineered to provide seamless communication encounters across a wide range of apps while minimizing the impact on responsiveness, battery life, and connectivity.

The Yoga Book 9i’s dual screen technology empowers consumers to enjoy an unique range of versatile experiences. It could be as simple as having the ability to surf the web and view the image across two full screens with an easy 5-finger motion. Or, for those wanting to work on two separate files simultaneously, they can view both files, one on each screen, with regard to hyper-productivity. Similarly, consumers can watch a video on one screen whilst taking notes or researching on the second screen at the same time, without interruptions.

The slim and lightweight convertible form factor offers users flexibility to switch seamlessly between laptop, tablet, or tent mode according to their needs. In a face-to-face meeting, customers can use the tent mode to display a slide presentation on one screen while viewing and controlling the demonstration from the second screen. Communication and collaboration in virtual meeting sessions are also enhanced with the dual screen capability – enabling the host to share a presentation on one screen while viewing the particular chat, responding to questions plus advancing slides from the second screen.

Yoga Book 9i also comes complete with a folio stand enabling users to work on the go more easily. A detachable Bluetooth® keyboard enhances the multi-tasking possible, as does the Lenovo-designed Smart Pen stylus which can be used to further enable and elevate productivity.

Yoga Book 9i

Sophisticated Software & Elevated Entertainment

Yoga exercise Book 9i’s innovative software designed by Lenovo, and in collaboration with Microsoft, also enhances the user’s potential to work, learn, stream, create, and do light gaming. Running on Windows 11, the software includes smart writing and reading features as well as note-taking features for those who are learning from home. This feature lets the user take notes on one screen while simultaneously viewing an online class on the second screen.

When it’s time to sit back and relax, users can watch a movie on one screen while researching interesting background facts about the movie on the 2nd screen. With the Yoga Guide 9i’s two 13. 3-inch 2 . 8K OLED PureSight displays with 100% DCI-P3 color accuracy and Dolby Vision® HDR, users will be impressed by the ultra-vivid colors, sharper contrast, and richer detail of the visuals. Together with Dolby Atmos® spatial audio and a 360-degree rotating sound bar featuring Bowers & Wilkins® speakers, consumers can enjoy an outstanding entertainment experience. An additional poignant design feature of the Yoga Book 9i is its modern and sophisticated Tidal Teal color. It also comes in eco-conscious packaging using the cushion materials, gift box, and outer box all containing 100% recycled paper.

Yoga exercises AIO 9i Desktop: The Epitome of Stunning Distinction

Lenovo Yoga AIO 9i

Crafted with creatives in mind, the new Yoga AIO 9i (32”, 8) is a structural marvel beautifully engineered to serve as the striking centerpiece for nearly any workspace, with the power plus graphics to support a range of artistic passions. Exuding sophistication, this Yoga all-in-one desktop computer functions an expansive 31. 5-inch, 3-side borderless, 4K 100% sRGB display which sits in a slim panel along with metallic hinge that tilts to the desired angle. A true space saver, the discreet, air-ventilated base offers seven ports on its rear for better cable management, as well as a built-in wireless smartphone charger.

Lenovo Yoga AIO 9i rear facing

With up to the latest 13th Gen Intel Core i9 cpus that can be paired with up to an NVIDIA® GeForce Next Gen Desktop GPU, the Yoga AIO 9i is powerful enough to handle graphic design with ease, as well as heavy photo/video editing and gaming. Enhancing both creativity and collaboration, this PC also offers four Harman Kardon® speakers, Dolby Atmos spatial sound, and an integrated 5MP infrared (IR) webcam with a built-in electric shutter and smart login capabilities.

Thoughtfully designed for a minimalist appeal, this desktop computer supports multi-device management, allowing customers to connect and charge their own laptop and AIO via the full function USB Type-C ® cable, and control both from a single keyboard plus mouse. With the environment in mind, the device is manufactured with 75% recycled aluminum in the panel middle frame and 65% post-consumer recycled ABS plastic in the top plus bottom covers of the dedicated keyboard. It also supports multiple voice assistants for an efficient speak-to-control experience.

Lenovo’s Project Chronos Concept : Virtual Freedom

Lenovo Project Chronos

Businesses and consumers are increasingly looking for more engaging and interactive ways to enhance their hybrid lifestyle through new plus dynamic experiences. As such, the ability to collaborate, connect, and achieve these experiences in both the particular virtual and physical worlds has a growing appeal now more than ever. Inspired by the vision of providing smarter technologies for all, Lenovo conceptualized a mixed-reality solution that would offer a completely new and simplified, blended virtual and physical experience for consumers.

Built as a home computing device for the tech-forward creator, Lenovo’s Project Chronos idea offers a glasses-free, full-body-movement-driven experience that enables consumers and creators to virtually control their particular life-like avatar without the need for any motion-capture (mocap) wearable. Instead, the user’s movement will be captured via an advanced depth camera that replicates their real-time actions within a 3D-rendered virtual environment 2 , displaying it on a monitor in their home with a DP or HDMI™ port, like a TV or large PC screen. Once their own avatar is created, the user can control it using only their particular gestures, movements, posture, and even facial expressions, and see it rendered on screen in near-real time.

Built for the Home

The particular hardware consists of a sleek and modern-looking host computing station that can be mounted to the wall or set on a surface directly underneath or above the compatible TV or monitor 3 (sold separately). Its integrated RGB depth camera and innovative computing architecture are optimized for low latency to enable a fast plus accurate full-body motion capture. As a privacy measure, the camera can be rotated down for added peace of mind when powered off and not in use.

Project Chronos offers a new level of freedom for those who frequent virtual spaces, or those who are looking to technology to engage with others. For example , people can more easily create content in virtual sides or become a VTuber having a lifelike avatar without having to wear a mocap device or even glasses. A fitness coach can remotely and virtually exercise alongside a client, showing them proper form and motion techniques. One can also transform themself into any type of digital character and connect with new friends in the virtual world regardless of physical distance, time, and environment.   The gaming experience can be even more immersive and interactive, thanks to clearly visible facial expressions and movements that can be interpreted in near-real time.

The formal product name will unveil with all the launch of its full hardware and capabilities. Lenovo is usually working with developers, content, and service partners to expand on this thriving ecosystem plus launch a solution that can provide the virtual freedom to exceed imagination.

Lenovo Tab Extreme: Bigger, Better, More

Lenovo Tab Extreme

Breaking the mold on what is considered a premium tablet, Lenovo introduced its biggest and most powerful tablet yet, the particular 14. 5-inch Lenovo Tab Extreme . This device goes beyond what’s expected to deliver more of everything, with covetable features and thoughtful innovations that elevate entertainment and productivity.

The Joy in the Extreme

Starting with its 3K OLED display with DCI-P3 color gamut and up in order to 120Hz refresh rate, this particular tablet can serve as a private home theater in practically any room of the house. Boasting an incredible 1M: 1 contrast ratio, it offers the extreme brightness range that closely replicates what one would see in real life. As for audio, Dolby Atmos and an impressive set of eight high-performance JBL® 4-channel loudspeakers evenly split between woofers and tweeters create a dynamic, spatial audio experience. A powerful MediaTek® Dimensity 9000 Octa-core processor and all-day battery life of up to 12 hours 4 round out the key hardware components of this behemoth of a tablet. However , where the awe truly lies is in the purposeful design behind it.

Lenovo Tab Extreme with stand

Thoughtful Innovation

With the rise of hybrid lifestyles, the role of the tablet has evolved from purely regarding entertainment-streaming to a second at-home or remote-use device that allows for quick transitions from recreation to productivity plus back again. That’s why the Lenovo Tab Extreme was built to ebb and flow with the requirements of today’s modern users. Its dual-mode stand, for example , magnetically attaches to the device and allows users to position it horizontally or vertically to accommodate the direction they need at any given moment. But the true innovation resides within the dual-hinge keyboard (sold separately in some markets) where the pill can be mounted and then tilted to the user’s most comfortable viewing angle. There, the capsule practically floats, emulating the particular sitting posture of a traditional laptop or desktop PC with the backlit keyboard affixed, while the main hinge of the stand creates an unique, protective storage compartment for the included Lenovo Precision Pen 3 whenever closed.

Lenovo Tab Extreme on stand

Smart features are woven in throughout, including audio and visual adaptive capture technology that automatically keeps the camera focused on the user during video calls 5 , even when they’re moving around in their chair. Narrow beaming technology leverages the four built-in microphones to filter out environmental noise for crystal clear voice quality within a 50-centimeter radius. When multiple call participants are in the room, the 360-degree voice capture mode can be switched on so that everyone can be heard. To optimize viewing comfort, the tablet’s TÜV Rheinland-certified display will also auto-adjust the on-screen color based on environmental light and color temperature. Designed with the environment in mind, the chassis of the Lenovo Tab Extreme is made of 100% recycled aluminum and its packaging is 100% plastic-free.

The Space and Opportunity to Do More

Featuring an Android™ 13 operating system and Lenovo’s latest user interface software, the Lenovo Tab Extreme better enables users to multitask their passion projects with the support of up to four apps 6 simultaneously via split screen and the ability to open up to 10 apps as floating windows 6 . For efficient, device-agnostic collaboration, users have the flexibility to use their tablet as a sketchpad for seamless collaboration with their laptop via the DP-in USB Type-C port or use it as a control panel with their monitor via the DP-out USB Type-C port. To enjoy this functionality without cables, users can deploy the particular Lenovo Freestyle app 7 to wirelessly connect their Lenovo Tab Extreme with their Lenovo Windows PC 7 for easy file sharing across devices, the ability to mirror or extend their desktop for more screen real estate, or use the tablet as a secondary touchpad for their PC. Additional apps that can support creativity and workflow are also available, including Clip Studio Paint 8/9 for drawing plus WPS Office 8 for enhanced productivity.

Lenovo Smart Paper: Elevating the Magic of Note-taking

Lenovo Smart Paper

Note-taking is a necessity for many but can be considered cumbersome to our modern lifestyles where traveling light is prioritized, where paper can pile up to be heavy, and environmental considerations are top of mind. Nevertheless, there are professions and students that prefer natural and intuitive writing by hand over typing. To create a new, but familiar, experience for the prolific note-taker, Lenovo introduced Lenovo Smart Paper , its evolved entry into the digital notepad space. Easy to hold and carry, the Lenovo Smart Paper is really a slim 10. 3-inch, anti-glare E-Ink touch display that is housed in a lightweight, all-metal casing that’s sure to free up some space in one’s backpack. Leveraging the wonders of E-Ink technology, this digital notepad gives users the pen-on-paper feel they’re accustomed to, along with smart features that optimize their productivity in unexpected ways.

Lenovo Paper with pencil and writing styles

One Pen to Rule Them All

Included with the device is an active battery-less stylus that can be easily stored within the case. This Lenovo Smart Paper Pen never has to be charged and features a felt tip and up to 23-millisecond latency 10 so that the writing experience is both familiar and fluid with virtually no lag. With the one stylus, users can choose from nine different pen settings – including ballpoint, pencil (wooden and mechanical), marker, and even calligraphy – so they don’t have to fumble for the right writing utensil. With 4, 096 levels of pressure sensitivity and tilt detection in the pen, plus 74 notepad templates to choose from (e. g. ruled/line, graph, blank, and even music manuscript paper), users can easily write, draw, sketch, shade, and illustrate with precision for days.

Smarter Note-taking for All

In addition to offering the feel and precision of inking on real paper, this digital notepad also provides a new level of convenience that only smart, connected technology can. Featuring two integrated microphones, the Lenovo Smart Papers can transform into a digital voice recorder allowing customers to audio record a meeting or class lecture while also taking notes. If they can’t remember the verbal context around a note they took during one of these recorded sessions, they can simply select the specific text they wrote to hear a brief playback of what was said in that moment in time 11 , or they can listen to the entire documented lecture again.

With 50GB of storage 12 , enough space to store over 50, 000 note pages, users can easily delete and move notes around, whilst also organizing them into folders. No more shuffling webpages to find something that was written several months ago; instead, keyword searches across thousands of handwritten notes can be performed in seconds, plus handwriting can be converted to text easily. With access to more than two million books upon eBooks. com 13 , users can also quickly search for keywords across the electronic books and articles they have saved on the device. Using the Lenovo Smart Paper app 14 , users can access their information and books from anywhere, and cloud sync to back up their files which can be synced across different Android, iOS and Windows devices. With the app, users can also transcribe audio recordings and translate text into various languages 15 .

Next-gen Performance: New Yoga Slim 6i and Refreshed Yoga 9i (14”, 8), Yoga exercise Slim 7i Carbon (13”, 8), and Yoga 6 (13”, 8) Laptops

The new Yoga Slim 6i (14”, 8), known as Lenovo Slim 7 (14”, 8) in the U. S, offers those seeking inspiration an exquisitely designed portable yet powerful device. Thin, lightweight, and attractive, this laptop empowers users to work and create content with ease whether on the move or at home. Built on the Intel Evo platform, the Yoga Slim 6i is engineered to provide customers with seamless communication experiences. Made with solid, all-metal aluminum materials, it has a slim yet highly durable chassis and a raised camera notch for ease of opening. Featuring an up to 14-inch OLED display with Dolby Vision, the Yoga Slim 6i offers a visually satisfying experience. With a larger 16: 10 aspect ratio and optional touch support, creative work such as light video or even photo editing becomes increasingly intuitive. Powered by the latest 13th Gen Intel Core processors, the Yoga Thin 6i also gives an improved video conferencing experience for users with noise cancelling and background blur functions for a more professional setting.

Lenovo also introduced refreshes of its Yoga 9i (14”, 8) plus Yoga Slender 7i Carbon (13”, 8), both featuring up to 13th Gen Intel Core mobile processors, delivering an even more impressive performance to enhance versatility and productivity. Also, the latest, refreshed Yoga 6 (13”, 8) laptop is power-forward and refreshed with the latest AMD Ryzen™ 7000 series processors and enhanced battery to handle longer, remote work sessions.

S upporting Services and Software

In addition to these premium hardware options, Lenovo offers a range of gadget health, support, and protection services to help keep products running at peak condition and more secure, like its most recent cloud-based security software Lenovo Smart Lock 16 . For an added level of convenience in supporting the laptops introduced today, Lenovo Premium Care Plus 17 incorporates many of its services into one solution. This comprehensive service includes advanced hardware and software support, Accidental Damage Protection , an extended battery warranty, Lenovo Migration Assistant , and Lenovo Smart Performance – a self-diagnostic system health check found within Lenovo Vantage.

“Today’s consumers lead multi-faceted lives, relying even more intrinsically on the technology that enables them to design, develop, and create their own content. We have designed the new Yoga portfolio to empower the customers of today to achieve their goals of tomorrow. This spirit is embodied by the new Yoga Book 9i, the world’s first full size, dual screen OLED laptop which answers our customers’ calls for versatility, mobility, plus performance”, said Jun OuYang, Vice President of the Consumer Segment, Intelligent Devices Group, Lenovo.

“As people increasingly embrace their hybrid lifestyles, they’re looking for brand new, more convenient and efficient ways of doing things, ” said Johnson Jia, Senior Vice President, Smart Devices Group’s Global Innovation Center, Lenovo . “With the premium consumer products we’ve unveiled today, Lenovo has accepted that challenge, introducing innovations designed with purpose to address the modern needs of today, and empower people to enjoy a smarter world. ”

Pricing and  Availability 18

  • The Yoga exercises Book 9i (13”, 8) will start at $2, 099. 99 and is expected to be available starting June 2023. 18
  • The Yoga AIO 9i (32”, 8) will start at $1, 799. 99 and is expected to be available starting in Q3 2023. 18
  • The Lenovo Tab Extreme will start at $1199. 99 and is expected to be accessible late 2023. 18
  • The Lenovo Wise Paper will start at $399. 99 and it is expected to be available late 2023. 18
  • The Yoga Slim 6i (14”, 8) , known as Lenovo Slim 7 (14”, 8) in the Oughout. S. , will start from $729. 99 and is expected to be available starting April 2023. 18
  • The refreshed Yoga 9i (14”, 8) will begin at $1, 499. 99 and is expected to be available beginning April 2023. eighteen
  • The particular refreshed Yoga 6 (13”, 8) will start at $729. 99 and is expected to be available starting April 2023. 18
  • The refreshed Yoga Slim 7i Carbon (13”, 8) is not available in North America. Contact local PR representative regarding local pricing and availability. 18

Visit the Lenovo StoryHub CES 2023 press kit for images and full specs, and Lenovo’s CES 2023 Virtual Showcase and Event Page for more details.