How Yoga Pro Annie Moves Stays Grounded – British Vogue

Whether you downward dog or not, witnessing Dua Lipa’s ultra-flexible escapades on Instagram recently has been nothing short of impressive. The singer is currently on her Future Nostalgia world tour, and has been working with Venezuelan yoga teacher and movement facilitator, Anabella Landa, best known as Annie Moves. The two women – with their long dark hair and similarly excellent wardrobes – could almost be sisters.

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“I’ve always been addicted to movement,” Annie tells me over the phone. “It’s my main source of energy. My parents got me into yoga – a trainer would come to our house – and I’ve always scouted out different yoga studios, as well as other workouts.” With a background in advertising and PR, her new-look career makes her a classic pandemic success story – she completed her official yoga teacher training virtually on the balcony in her tiny apartment in Miami. She used the time, she says, to “lean into [her] connection and calling”.

Now, her daily life is miles away from that tiny apartment. She’s not only travelling the world with Dua, but hosting her own yoga events this year everywhere from Spain to Colombia and Mexico. Plus, she’s now an ambassador for supermodel-favourite activewear brand, Alo Yoga. This wild success in a relatively short period of time hasn’t changed the fundamentals of what she does, though –  when it comes to staying grounded, she relies on the same, universally available tool she always has. 

“The breath is everything, honestly,” she says. “It’s a practice that has such a positive impact on your life, on so many levels. You don’t realise the important role it has until you step on the mat.” Rooted in vinyasa yoga, a practice that focuses on synchronising the breath and the physical body (“That’s literally what the word ‘vinyasa’ means”), Annie’s classes are all about getting to know yourself and your body, whether via poses, or the capacity of your breath.