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Three people snow shoeing in the winter

There are plenty of ways to keep fit during the winter. (Photo via Getty Images)

Now that it’s December, the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping.

For those who enjoy getting outside, it can be hard to keep fit during the winter. With chilly wind and the sun setting before the workday is over, finding time to exercise can be challenging.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a type of depression that occurs during the same season each year (typically in the fall or winter), can make it harder to muster up the motivation in order to exercise. However , finding ways to stay active even throughout the coldest, darkest months is important as it can combat symptoms of depression .

Luckily, cold weather can offer perks when it comes to exercising. During the winter, there is no heat or even humidity to endure, so you might be able to exercise for longer periods. Exercising outdoors in the winter also helps you take in sunlight, boost your mood and strengthen your immune system .

If the cold weather is too much for you to handle, there are plenty of indoor activities to help you stay active this winter. Below, check out 10 of the best ways to stay active when it’s cold outside.

Two young women running on a treadmill in an indoor gym during the winter

Going to an indoor gym is a great way to get your exercise in during the winter. (Photo via Getty Images)

Hit the gym

Going to an indoor gym is an excellent way to get your exercise within during the colder months.

You can use equipment to do the exercise you typically would outdoors, such as running and biking.

If a gym membership is out of your budget, try setting up a home gym instead. Your equipment can range from a pair of dumbbells to your own cardio machines.

However you do it, having an indoor space dedicated to exercise is sure to get you moving.

View from directly above a paraplegic woman training in a pool for competitive swimming in the winter

Indoor swimming is a good way to keep fit in the winter. (Photo via Getty Images)

Indoor swimming

Check out your local gym or recreational centre for their indoor swimming pools.

Unlike outdoor pools, indoor pools stays at the same temperature year-round.

You might even be able to warm up in a hot tub after a few laps of swimming, making it a perfect activity for the winter.

Young woman learning dance moves in fitness class. Multi-ethnic women dancing in studio.

Most workout classes are indoors and take place at a gym or studio. (Photo via Getty Images)

Workout classes

Attending workout classes is another excellent way to stay active this winter.

Most workout is indoors and take place in a gym or studio. Some classes are held online, which means you can attend workout classes from the comfort of your own home.

There’s no need to bundle up and commute to a workout studio – just put on your active attire and get moving.

A woman is engaged in home fitness. Performing exercises for the back. Home online training during the winter yoga

Yoga is a great way to get your blood flowing in the colder months. (Photo through Getty Images)


Whether in a group session or by yourself at home, yoga is a superb way to get your blood flowing in the colder months.

With plenty of beginner poses available, yoga can feel easier to start when all you want to do is bundle up.

Plus, yoga can greatly boost your mood , making it a healthy addition to your routine if you struggle with SAD .

Popular winter outdoor activities. Young man with walking poles walks alone on a snowy forest trail on a sunny winter day in Sourbrodt, Ardennes, Belgium.

If you do want to get outside, bundle up and go for a nature walk. (Photo via Getty Images)

Nature walks

For those who do want to get outdoors, put on your warmest jacket and go for a nature walk.

Winter has just as much to offer as spring and summer when it comes to seeing beautiful landscapes and breathing in fresh air.

This activity will also help you get some much-needed sunlight, which can boost your vitamin D levels .

man shovelling snow off his driveway

Shovelling snow is a great form of exercise. (Photo via Getty Images)

Yard maintenance

This activity is a two-in-one, helping you take care of chores while moving your body at the same time.

Throughout the fall and winter, there’s plenty of yard work to perform, including shovelling snow and raking leaves.

Despite the frosty temperatures, you’re sure to break a sweat.

Skier using smart phone on top snow mountain practising ski sport. Skier pauses to check smart phone for reading a phone information. Horizontal photgraphy

During the winter season, enjoy outdoor activities that are impossible in the warmer months like skiing. (Photo through Getty Images)

Skiing or snowboarding

During the winter, enjoy outdoor activities that are impossible in the warmer months, such as skiing or snowboarding.

Hit the slopes this season and move the body while having a blast.

close-up of a person in skates on an ice rink

Ice skating is another fun activity to try in the winter. (Photo via Getty Images)

Ice skating

Ice skating is another fun activity to try in the winter.

With winter-themed decor and festive treats, it’s sure to get you into the holiday spirit.

Plus, it’s fun to enjoy with loved ones, which is what this season is all about.

Overhead view of four people standing on snow wearing modern, lightweight snowshoes

Put on your snowshoes and hit the trail. (Photo via Getty Images)


When the world is blanketed in snow, put on your snowshoes and hit the trail.

You’ll want to dress warmly beforehand, but soon enough you’ll be taking off layers as you work your way through the powdery landscape.

Bundling up

Who’s to say you can’t do all the same summertime activities in the wintertime? Bundle up to continue walking, running or even sticking to your favourite exercise routine.

Just make sure to stay hydrated and take precautions to prevent hypothermia .

Getting exercise in the colder weeks doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor actions to keep your body moving when the temperature drops, and doing so can help keep you happy plus healthy this winter.

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