How About Yoga in 2022 – The Hills Echo Community Newsmagazine

Do you need to be flexible? Or young? Or thin? To put your body into amazing shapes? To be strong? To have time? To be peaceful? To be free from injuries or physical challenges?

None of the above. All you need is to be able to breathe. To use your breath to come inside your body for a moment. To use your breath to stretch a little on the inside. To use your breath to take a moment out of your week to stop, to feel and ask, ‘how am I today?’. To take a deep breath and say ‘yes’!

If you’ve been meaning to begin yoga, or return to yoga after a break, then we invite you with a friendly smile and a warm welcome to come to Zen Space Yoga Studio in Samford and give yoga a try. Zen Space is a clean and spacious yoga studio in the Lifestyle Centre, just a couple of kms from the Samford roundabout along Mt Glorious Road. We have COVID-19 protocols in place to keep us all safe and well. Our teachers are fully trained, insured and registered with Yoga Australia – they know how to make your yoga easy, fun and safe for your body.

You can start with an 8-week Beginners Course (starting Thursdays 13 January 6pm OR Tuesday 1 February at 6pm for a FREE class for beginners!). For Over 60s we have an 8-week course starting Monday 17 January 10am or 11:30am). Plus, there are classes every day so you can find a time to suit you – check our website (see below) or Facebook Page for timetable and cost.

All you need is to be able to breathe………so grab a yoga mat and just turn up!

And for those of you who already have a regular yoga practice – have YOU considered studying to be a Yoga Teacher? Or perhaps you’d like to immerse yourself more deeply into yoga and discover the finer points of body, breath and mediation? We have a 350 hour Yoga Teacher Training/Yoga Immersion commencing late January – check out our website for more information, and how to make contact.

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0421 058 250