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ANGOLA — Free Indoor yoga classes sponsored by Angola Parks and Recreation Department will start Sunday.

The classes will take place at the upper level of Commons Hall at 501 S. John St . starting at 9 a. m.

All ages and all fitness levels are welcome, but a mat or a beach towel, a water bottle, and a sweat towel are required.

Angola Parks Events and Marketing Coordinator Tabitha Griva said that the number of classes the department will be able to offer though colder months is not determined for sure yet.

The plan for now is that two courses will take place in November plus three in December, and they will then continue in the new year.

“January and February we are hoping to plan them as well, ” said Griva.

The classes do not cost Angola Parks and Recreation Department anything other than paying the instructors, said Griva.

She explained that the indoor yoga was organized by talking with a few instructors that taught in the summer because the Parks and Recreation Department wanted to keep offering them during “the slow months when not much is going on. ”

Besides, said Griva, it was a great opportunity to utilize the Commons Hall building.

“We are thankful that we are able to offer it free to the community instead of at charge, ” said Griva.

One of the instructors for the sessions is Jessica Durham, who had been doing yoga for 11 years, and she has also been teaching it for six years, said that her opinion was that there was “a type of yoga out there for everyone. ”

“Everyone can do yoga exercise, ” said Durham. “I enjoy teaching it and enjoy seeing people learn about their bodies. ”

Durham teaches slow flow hatha yoga, and she learned it in Monclova, Ohio. She said that between eight plus 12 people showed up for every one of her summer lessons. The community can benefit from yoga exercises classes, said Durham, because yoga provides affordable relaxation and something “that you can do for yourself. ”

“We as a society are always on the go, and we are always taking care of someone else be it our parents, our children, our spouses, and we need to take time for ourselves, ” said Durham.

Another yoga coach who will be teaching free indoor yoga classes, Amanda Lawson, had been practicing yoga for about 15 years and training Vinyasa flow yoga for approximately two years after learning this in Fort Wayne.

She said during the summer anywhere from 10 to 15 people showed up for her classes, and she thinks giving free yoga classes is a great idea to promote a healthier lifestyle in the community.

“I really like living a healthy lifestyle, and I wish more people would, ” said Lawson. “So, if I could help people make more healthy decisions — that would be awesome. ”

Lawson also said yoga was a good relaxation practice that was very helpful in overcoming the particular anxieties as it focused a lot of breath and breathing techniques.

“Yoga in the Park is always such an excellent turnout, we will now be offering free Indoor Yoga classes during the colder months ahead, ” said an invitation from Angola Parks and Recreation Department.