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The health benefits, both physical and mental, of practising yoga, are manifold. But can the same apply when practising yoga with your face? Face yoga has been attributed to yield face-lifting, tightening, and sculpting benefits without salon or dermatologists’ interventions. It involves working the facial muscles for improving blood circulation for a healthy glow by stimulating the production of collagen, relaxing tension on your face, de-puffing it, and also improving facial symmetry.

While we move our face every day during smiling, talking, eating, etc., facial yoga isn’t simply the movement of your facial muscles. The difference is the intention with which you exercise the facial muscles to relax as well as strengthen, over time, through isolated movements.

Be it through facial expressions or spending too much time in front of our screens, we tend to hold tension in our faces. Face yoga helps in breaking the patterns of movements through which we hold tension, like furrowing the brows, tightening the shoulders, tightening the jaw, etc. by stimulating the lymphatic system, muscles as well as the skin, relaxing it of its tension-holding patterns in the process.

The technique uses exercises and massages targeting the face, neck, and shoulders which, according to a study by the National Library of Medicine, has been found to result in a better appearance of the face due to strengthened facial muscles. Face yoga, along with reducing stress, eating well, and exercising regularly promises long-term effects in making your face look younger and tighter.

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You can use face yoga techniques to target specific concerns like forehead lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet. The acupressure techniques also used in face yoga can help in reducing stress, preventing headaches, releasing sinuses, and even improving the quality of your sleep. Another study by the National Library of Medicine in 2018 found that facial yoga has benefits on the mental health of elderly people as well.

There are many face yoga tutorials available on the internet by experts that you can follow and practice every day to reap the benefits.

You can take out a few minutes from your morning exercise routine to practice face yoga which will help you further enhance the benefits of your body workout.

If you want, you can also dig into face yoga and try a full tutorial to target the various facial muscles.

Even Mira Kapoor seems to be onboard the face yoga bandwagon as she practises the massage to sculpt and lift her face which she calls “her favourite beauty treatment.” Kapoor also says she loves how “indulgent yet simple it is, and it always leaves me feeling refreshed, calm, and pampered.”

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