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Ushering in a new era of stability, Yogi Aaron challenges the status quo by dismantling damaging ideologies to help others live a pain-free life

PUERTO JIMÉNEZ, Costa Rica, June 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Whether young or old, athlete or beginner, everyone has been fed the same narrative for decades: “If your muscles are tight, just stretch it out”, but what if that idea is doing more harm than good? The words yoga and stretching seem synonymous, right? But what if they preach two separate truths to either hinder or heal pain? One yogi is on a mission to pull back the curtain, uncover the truth, and dismantle the false belief that stretching helps ease pain. Yogi Aaron is proud to announce the release of the Stop Stretching podcast, come June 14th on all major streaming platforms.

Yogi Aaron is the creator of AYAMA (Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™), and the owner and yoga director at Blue Osa Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica. During his 30 years of practicing and teaching yoga, Yogi Aaron has developed an intrinsic understanding of yogic philosophy, anatomy, and the subtle body, which spurred his passion for unveiling the truth about how much stretching causes harm.

“Let’s answer the BIG question! Why is stretching hurting us? What is actually going on! Many of us have heard that we need to stretch to prevent injuries when we are doing sports, and yet there is no evidence that supports this claim.”

As the only yogi in the industry breaking the norm, Yogi Aaron created the Stop Stretching podcast to help each listener understand the physiology of their body, tap into their limitless potential, and develop the confidence to embody yoga both on and off the mat. Listeners will be amazed by the mass influx of information that contradicts mainstream thinking, bringing physiology back into the equation with precision and purpose to reduce pain and implement sustainable change rooted in science.

“Inflexibility is not a sign that muscle needed to be “stretched”, but rather muscle tightness is actually a sign that is a muscular instability and that a group of muscles were not contracting properly…We are no longer focusing on stretching, but instead, activating and stabilizing.”

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to helping others live a pain-free life, Yogi Aaron’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the release of the Stop Stretching podcast, available on all major streaming platforms come June 14th.

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About Yogi Aaron

Yogi Aaron, the creator of AYAMA — Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™, has been teaching yoga for over 30 years, is a bestselling author, and owner and yoga director at Blue Osa Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica. A revolutionary at heart, he’s on a mission to get people back in touch with the true essence of yoga, flip the script on stretching, and help humanity live pain-free! Come June 14th, Yogi Aaron will launch his purpose-driven podcast, Stop Stretching to change the conversation around stretching and usher in a new era of activation and stability. He has studied under yogic masters such as Alan Finger, Bryan Kest, Genny Kapuler, Rod Stryker, Swami Rama, and David Swenson, among others.


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