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ROCKLEDGE BOROUGH, Pennsylvania (WPVI) — Most weeknights, Bill Henry has a loyal troop coming to his hot yoga class.

His classes are wall-to-wall packed at The Twisted Monkey Yoga Studio in Rockledge, Montgomery County, where he is both an instructor and co-owner.

“It’s very hot fusion and it’s a combination of Kundalini, Ashtanga vinyasa, ” said Henry.

And they’re not monkeying around. The room is heated to around 107 degrees.

He says his yoga students will sweat in class, but it helps rid the body of toxins and loosens the muscles so “you just feel great. ” Henry taught himself yoga decades ago and says he’s been enjoying the many health benefits ever since.

“I’ve read hundreds of books about yoga plus practiced them all, ” he said.

He says “there’s nothing better” than the “peace and quiet and tranquility” that comes from practicing yoga exercise. Henry opened the studio in 2002 at the site of his former furniture business.

“I’m 85, almost, ” this individual said. “I would not be here today if it wasn’t for the yoga. ”

Henry teaches an intermediate-type class with both beginner and more advanced poses.

“And when you do get into yoga exercises, you do connect up there, ” he explained. “You get that spiritual energy coming through. ”

He says it’s important to stay consistent and put in the work to reap the rewards.

When doing Kundalini, Henry says lower muscles from the naval down are contracted as you inhale. Then, rapid breathing is done in what’s called a Breath of Fire. He admits that it stimulates circulation plus opens the mind and when you let go, that energy goes right up the spine.

Felix Job has been taking Henry’s class for almost five years.

“It’s a tough class, ” he said. “It pretty much transformed my life. ”

Job says he managed to get his weight down from 186 pounds to 162 pounds over the course of two years through practicing yoga with Henry. He says it got rid of his high blood pressure with no medicines.

“When a person come in here, go through that one hour, it’s magical, inch said Job.

“It works and it’s simple, ” said Henry. “Just come and do it. ”

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