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  • Malaika’s dedication and love for yoga is unending. On Friday, her fitness coach Subham Sri wrote a few words about the actor and her discipline about yoga practice, and it is serving as our fitness inspo.
‘All about discipline’ in Malaika Arora’s Warrior III pose(Instagram/@yoga_subhamsri)
‘All about discipline’ in Malaika Arora’s Warrior III pose(Instagram/@yoga_subhamsri)
Published on Oct 08, 2021 05:24 PM IST

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ByTapatrisha Das, Delhi

Malaika Arora is a fitness enthusiast. When not working for the silver screen, she is usually spotted in her favourite corner doing her favourite thing – in her yoga studio, engrossed in a yoga position. Malaika swears by high intensity workouts and yoga and it shows on her.

The actor is often spotted sharing snippets from her yoga diaries on her Instagram profile. Malaika also mentions the benefits of performing the yoga positions – with this she intends to make her Instagram family aware of the health benefits that yoga is capable of.

On Friday, Malaika was yet again spotted on Instagram, performing a yoga position – but this time, her yoga trainer shared the picture and wrote a few words about Malaika’s love and enthusiasm for yoga.

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In the picture, shared by fitness coach Subham Sri, Malaika can be seen standing on a yoga mat with her one leg. Her other leg can be seen bent inwards, while she held it with her left hand from behind. Her right hand can be seen stretched straight in the air. Malaika performed the Warrior III position in the picture.

Take a look:

Initially posted by Subham Sri, the post was reshared by Malaika on her Instagram stories. Subham also wrote a few words about Malaika’s love for yoga – “She (Malaika) is very much passionate and disciplined in yoga practice. Rarely does she miss her class even in the busy schedule of her shoot. She manages everything and doesn’t skip her yoga practice.” He further added, “Yoga is all about discipline.” Looks like Malaika abides by the statement, word by word.

The Warrior III position comes with multiple benefits. It helps in stretching the neck, shoulders and the back muscles. It helps in reducing fat from the hips and enhances blood circulation in the body. It also helps in chiseling and strengthening the knees, thighs and the ankles.

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