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Yogan is for everybody. It can be modified to meet the different and unique needs of an individual or a group of people.

In this article, we will talk about yoga postures that are particularly beneficial for women over 50 and how they can benefit their bodies, minds, and emotions. One key to being able to do yoga as you get older is to use props that help you stay stable, safe, and in the right position.

Yoga Poses & Exercises for Women over 50

Check out the following yoga poses and exercises for women over 50.

1) Cat and Cow Pose

The cat and cow pose is good for people of all ages, but it’s especially good for women who want to slowly and steadily warm up their back and abdominal muscles .

Supporting your weight on all fours is also a great way to keep your arm and chest muscles strong and in shape, especially as you get older and may not use them as much. Women over 50 frequently experience stiffness and a loss of back mobility. The cat and cow poses can also help with these problems.

Cat and cow poses are also a great way to clear your mind because they are designed to work with your breath. Especially for older women, changes in your body can make you feel upset. This yoga exercise pose helps women let go of those feelings before moving on to more difficult poses.


2) Downward Facing Dog

This yoga exercises pose, also called “Down Canine, ” is great for older women because it stretches the back, calf muscles, and hamstrings , builds arm and chest strength, makes the shoulders more flexible, and increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to muscles that would otherwise be contracting.

As ladies age, their shoulder joints tend to wear out. This makes them more likely to hurt their shoulders. Strengthening the arms plus chest helps protect the joints in the shoulders, which are becoming more and more fragile.

In terms of emotions, the downward-facing dog pose helps you feel in control and builds confidence and a sense of accomplishment—two things that women over 50 frequently struggle with as their bodies change.

Furthermore, as a woman approaches menopause, her muscles tend to tighten and contract as her body produces lesser hormones. Downward-facing dog is a great yoga pose for ladies over 50 because it lengthens the muscles in their legs in addition to back and improves blood flow.


3) Modified Cobbler’s Pose

As women age, knee problems and knee pain are common. This makes it hard for them to do some yoga poses. But many yoga poses that stretch the hip flexors and even improve blood flow to the hip joints require bent knees.

Doing cobbler’s pose on a block or bolster so that your hips are higher than your knees relieves pressure on your knees while still giving you the gentle benefits of hip stretching. You could also put blocks under your knees or even move your feet farther away from your body so that your knees don’t bend at such a sharp angle.

In either case, this pose shows that yogan is possible for women over 50, even if they are having trouble with their bodies and their bodies are usually changing.


4) Modified Tree Pose

Balance is a common theme in many different kinds of pilates. They help yogis learn how to focus better, increase their concentration , together with (especially important for older women) strengthen the small muscles in their feet and ankles.

As women age, they may start to have trouble keeping their balance. This happens all the time!

The particular less likely you are to lose your balance, the more you work to strengthen the muscles in your feet and additionally ankles. Also, yoga for females can help you deal with mental changes by making it easier to remember, concentrate, and focus.

If you need to, you can use a chair or a wall. You can also put the foot that isn’t standing on your calf or even your ankle until you feel comfortable moving it higher.


5) Balasana

The child’s pose is loved by everyone. It is a great way to stretch your back, arms, neck, hips, and glutes. Older women may find it helpful to put a block under their foreheads or a blanket under their hips to ease any pain.

By spending some much-needed time in child’s pose, females can think about how their bodies feel and let go of any negative thoughts about how their bodies may be changing as they get older.


6) Triangle Present

The triangle pose will stretch your whole body. You can stretch your own ankles, hips, legs, not to mention back in this pose. At first, you might feel a little stiff, but if you keep practising it regularly, you’ll find that you’re much more flexible over time.

It takes some balance, which older women want to work on so they don’t fall. Hold on to a chair at first if you need to, if you feel shaky.



Yogan is an easy, effective, and gentle way to start your current fitness journey. No matter your age or situation, there’s a yoga asana for everyone. If you are someone who always thinks about starting to exercise but never does, yoga is the best option for you.

It will ease you into positions that gently work out your muscles, build your confidence and leave you refreshed. Try the six asanas listed above for an easy and refreshing yoga practice.

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