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There are certain facts about yoga which will leave you surprised and even compel you to try it out. Yoga has certainly revolutionized the culture around “health” globally with its endless advantages to both the mind and body. Yoga has also exploded in popularity in Western countries as well over the last couple of decades.

We have curated a list of some interesting facts about yoga that will push you to roll out that mat and try out some Asanas. This will also help in avoiding any misinformation about yoga.

Interesting Facts about Yoga That You Should Be Aware Of

1 . Yoga is an Olympic Sport

Overall, yoga can be considered one of the positive examples of globalization in contemporary years. It is among the fastest growing industries in the U. S. A., with more people being increasingly inclined to try out yoga sessions.

One of the best information about yoga is that it has been considered a competitive sport since the 2016 summer Olympics with Briana Bernal as the winner of the season. Five compulsory poses were required to be performed by the participants along with two others of their own accord. The participants were later judged on factors such as breathing, strength, flexibility, and timing.


2 . Yoga Has Eight Different Branches or Limbs

The word “yoga” has its roots in the Sanskrit word “yuj, ” which has become increasingly popular in the last few years. The word “yuj” can be understood as joining something together which is gained in a state of ultimate bliss or consciousness. The term yoga can be understood as putting or placing something together.

We often think of yoga exercise postures or Asanas when we come across the word yoga. However , this relates to only one branch or limb of yoga, the Asana branch. A lesser-known fact about yoga is that it tends to involve eight different limbs or branches. The branches are named as Samadhi, Dhyana, Dharana, Pratyahara, Yama, Pranayama, Niyama, and Asana.


3. Yoga exercise Increases Workplace Productivity

Regular yoga sessions can significantly improve both the physical plus mental well-being of employees, which has shown a positive impact on workplace productivity.

Among other interesting details of yoga is that the benefits provided by yoga for the workforce tend to be multifold. Regular yoga classes will help in reducing lower back pain that is caused by prolonged periods of sitting, combating fatigue , reducing stress, relaxing your body, and more.

Additionally , regular yoga sessions will improve your mental well-being by enhancing cognition, improving focus, helping you with burnout, and more. All these factors will result in reduced absences from work along with increased productivity.


4. Yoga for Dogs

Yoga exercises for dogs is also one of the unique aspects about yoga exercises that you might not be aware of. Suzi Teitelman started these classes in New York in 2002. “Doga” is one of the most popular types of yoga, which basically means yoga practice for pets. This yoga practice helps people maintain harmony and alignment with their pets.

Yoga for dogs helps in building a better connection between pets and their owners. These sessions usually include dogs being used as props to help in the yoga poses. Sometimes, pets also try to follow the steps and effectively stretch themselves.


5. Yoga Keeps your Mind at Peace

Another important benefit of yoga is that it will help you keep your mind at peace. Many people have reported yoga to be a life-changing activity which has improved both their personal and professional areas in their lives.

Yoga will keep your mind at peace by boosting the flow of positive energy as well as improving your focus. It will aid in the decision-making process through calm thinking together with better management of stress .


6. Yoga Promotes Positive Energy Flow in the Body

It is believed that our body has eight chakras in different places which absorb energy. Regularly practicing yoga will help in keeping your good energy flowing throughout the body along with purifying your thoughts. Additionally , yoga also keeps better alignment in your body along with opening up tight spaces.


Bottom Line

The aforementioned article discusses some of the most interesting facts about yoga that will help beginners get started, while simultaneously refreshing the memory of advanced professionals.

Some of the common benefits provided by yoga include building overall strength in the body, stretching your muscles, improving posture, relieving tightness from the body , alleviating tension, combating fatigue, and more. Facts about yoga also depict that practicing Asana is also amazing for your mental well-being.

Considering the above listed facts about yoga, you should definitely incorporate them into your daily routine.

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