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Proprioception, also known as body awareness, is your body’s innate ability to sense its location, movements and actions. It’s your mind’s ability to determine your position relative to the space around you. This sense of awareness is created by proprioceptors in the nervous system and soft tissue.

Proprioceptors are sensors located in the nerve endings of muscles, skin, joints, tendons and inside the ear. These help you sense your location and position, movement, force, tension,and the external environment, by relaying the same to your brain.

Imrpoved balance. Image via Pexels/David Gomes


2) One-leg three-way kick

This is a slightly more dynamic variation of the one-leg stand. This exercise challenges your proprioception by demanding stability while performing a movement.

• Stand straight with your feet together. You may place your hands on your hips.

• Raise your right foot, and hold it out in front of you, shifting your weight onto your left leg.

• Return your right leg to the starting position before lifting it up towards the side, away from your body.

• Return your right leg to the starting position again, before lifting it and holding it backward.

• Return to the starting position, and repeat this movement on your left leg.


3) Drinking bird

This is a popular exercise to improve balance and proprioception.

• Stand straight with your feet together. Raise your right foot, and hold it out behind you, shifting your weight to the left leg.

• Hinge forward at your hip, holding your arms straight out in front of you as you lean forward, and bring your torso parallel to the floor. You may extend your right leg out simultaneously.

• Straighten yourself up, and return to the starting position.

• Repeat this movement on the right leg.


4) Bird dog

This is a great exercise for strengthening the core, but it can also help you improve your proprioception.

• Get on the floor on your hands and knees.

• Raise your right arm, and straighten it out ahead of you. Straighten your left leg out behind you simultaneously. Point your fingers and toes in opposite directions.

• Return them to the starting position before repeating this movement with your left arm and right leg.


5) Reverse lunges

More than just for strengthening your legs, reverse lunges are actually a very effective exercise for improving proprioception.

• Stand straight with your feet together. Take a big step backward with your right leg, and rest your right foot on its toes.

• Lower yourself to bring yourself into a lunge position, bringing your right knee close to the floor.

• Raise yourself back up by straightening your legs, and return your right leg to the starting position before moving to the left foot.

• Repeat this move on the left leg.


In case you struggle for balance, the above-mentioned exercises are just for you.Try them out during your workouts or as a warm-up or cool-down to your routine. You’ll be balancing like a pro in no time.

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