10 Ways To Get Started With Yoga – Health Essentials

Yoga is a practice that is thousands of years old. With various formations and types, it’s a practice that’s easy to pick up. It even pairs well with other meditative activities. But if you’ve never done yoga before — or you’re just stuck in the same old routine — it can be hard to figure out just where to begin or how to push yourself further in your journey.

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To get you started, we’ve got a roundup of ten stories that focus on the various kinds of yoga you can do and offer ways you can elevate your yoga techniques at home and on the road.

Different yoga styles

1 . Position yourself

Picking a yoga practice that’s right for you can be a challenge, and not all yoga is done in the same way. Hatha yoga, for example , is really a general style that mixes standing and seated poses while focusing on your posture and breathwork. But vinyasa yoga quickly flows from one pose to the next, like an ever-flowing meditation. Plus, some yoga exercise classes are performed in heated studios, offering their own unique set of challenges.

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2 . Trauma response

Yoga exercise isn’t just about physical exercise — it’s also about centering yourself and healing your mental and emotional well-being. This is especially true if you’ve experienced any sort of trauma. Trauma-informed yoga is designed to help you slow down in a safe space, focus on the present, connect with your inner thoughts and become more aware of what’s happening in your body.

Person cleaning thier yoga mat with spray disinfectant and cloth.

3. Coming clean with your mat

Diehard yoga practitioners may tell you that you should clean your own mat after every use, but should you really? Our experts’ advice may shock you. Plus, there’s a difference between cleaning your personal mat and disinfecting the well-shared mat at your local yoga exercises studio after every make use of.

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4. Product placement

Sometimes, you just need a helping hand. These essential yoga props will not only make some positions more manageable, but they’ll also help you reach your own personal goals for flexibility and awareness.

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5. Easy squeezy

We all have to start somewhere, so why not start your yoga practice by modifying those really challenging poses with alternative methods for beginners. Whether you’re brand new to yoga exercise or you’re a longtime yogi who just needs to get a leg up, these modifications can help.

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6. Getting up right

Some yoga poses are more suited for morning practice because they’re energizing and focused on boosting flexibility. If you’re looking to get your day started on the right foot, these eight yoga poses are sure to get you fired up.

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7. Twist and shout

Flexibility is good for you on and off the field. Whether you’re bending over to get something out of your kitchen cabinet, or you’re running late to the bus stop, flexing your muscles and strengthening your reach can make daily activities much easier to accomplish. These 14 yoga techniques will help you feel more flexible in no time.

Half Pigeon Pose in yoga.

8. Hip, hop, hooray!

We tend to hold a lot of tension in our hips plus lower back — especially if we sit working at a desk all day. These 10 hip yoga poses can help focus relieving some of that tension in the major muscle groups that surround your hips.

woman practicing yoga before bed

9. Rest easy

A few meditative minutes at the end of your day can make a huge impact on washing away all the stress from the day and allowing you to climb into bed primed for a good night’s rest. These 10 bedtime yoga poses are a perfect way to round out your daily routine.

travel yoga seated stretch

10. On the move

We all love a good vacation. But when you’re stuck in a car or on a plane for long periods of time, you can end up feeling stiff plus tense by the time you achieve your final destination. If you’re in need of quick relief in a pinch, these five seated yoga presents will help you loosen up while you’re on the road.